Slot machine test: Beowulf

The name is known worldwide, but few know its origins. Beowulf not comes from Norse mythology or even the legend of King Arthur, but is a stand-alone epic from the early middle ages. The story is about the hero Beowulf, which takes off to fight dangerous enemies and monsters. The story is complex and is today an integral part of pop culture. Not only on the big screen the Nordic hero did it, but also in the slot casino. The quick spin slot machine puts you directly in the early Middle Ages, in which the story is located. The beautiful symbols featuring the characters of the epic and make sure that your account can fill with profits. Overall a very rounded thing.

You can play Beowulf for free and need not even sign up for this. This is possible in the CasinoEuro. If you but saw off it on genuine treasures, then you need to register not only before, but make a deposit. The beautifully designed slot Beowulf provides few reasons to do just that.

Play Beowulf online now!

Beowulf online play

Playing Beowulf makes lots of fun, which is mainly to the template, which was implemented with beautiful images. The fun begins but really if you lets talk the reel for you. This round for round turn new and should be your way to great happiness. As soon as a single symbol appears multiple side by side on a payline, winning will be dropped. In this way, there are different winnings, which depend on the symbol and series lengths.

Also, your usage is an important tool for your profits. The higher the usage, the higher also the profits of Beowulf can fail. However there is no guarantee, because the icon is also important and the length of a series. So a triple set of a precious icon to make more as a set of fives from a less valuable symbol. With a little luck, you do multiple line winnings in only one round. A total of 25 pay lines form the backbone of Beowulf, you can not change the number.

Slot game symbols in Beowulf online slot

Loose it starts with the symbols with the standard letters and numbers, which blend perfectly into the overall picture of the vending machine. This is followed by five characters from the epic, which awaken not only looking for profits, but also on the reading of Beowulf. But mostly the wilds in this slot are interesting. Sword game remains in place until it is replaced by the Dragon game. However, other symbols can be replaced with two. With the scatter you get free spins, which have the big advantage that you need to pay no inserts in the corresponding round. But not enough, because there are also two normal wilds. Be triggered can this bonus symbol Grendal attack.

Slot machines instructions Beowulf

If you want to dive into the world of the slot game Beowulf, the visit to the Casino, which is certainly easier to make, to decipher as the early medieval language ranges. In the slot casino, then you can make a deposit and can start after playing. Basically explains everything by alone. It is especially important that you adjust your bet in each round. Want to get explained again all bonus features, you can find these in the profit table.

Conclusion to the Beowulf test

This slot game really does not need to shy away from the comparison. The slot machine game Beowulf is a real pound what the subject starts, goes beyond the design and ends with the functions. This is fun, especially if the bonus features allow slamming and the story will be all the more important. Beowulf is a real eye opener and thus a welcome change to many other static machines.